• Jeff
    I've been having trouble setting it up as well as downloading profiles from the forum since I don't exact have a windows computer near my keymander and box. My main game is battlefield so if i can at least get the advanced settings others use in a similar situation that would help
  • Jeff
    I guess an important note is that I'm on xbox one and was trying to download the game off forum
  • Moderator [Derek]

    Hi Jeff,

    You don't need a computer near your KeyMander (just so long as long as you do have one available somewhere), however it does help having one near or a laptop available when trying to dial in a profile to fit your gaming style. The first thing we need to do is get your new KeyMander updated and the Battlefield profile loaded. Have you downloaded the KeyMander software yet? If not, here's a video to walk you through it.

    Now that you have the KeyMander updated, download the Battlefield 1 sample profile for Xbox One from here.

    Now that you have the profile downloaded, open the KeyMander software and set the mouse DPI, then upload the Battlefield 1 profile to your KeyMander as seen below. The basic settings are already done, so you don't need to worry about making changes in the profile at this time. Skip to :15 and watch until about 1:49 so you can make the Battlefield 1 profile your default profile for now.

    Since your PC is in another area you can now disconnect KeyMander and go connect it to your console as seen in the video below. Skip to :28 and begin watching from there:

    You should now be ready to play!
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