• KeyMander Compatible Keyboards and Mice

    Kind of a moot point now as I purchased the G502 from logitech and it works like a charm - which was a week ago. What I meant was every time I would move the mouse while connected to the keymander and PS4, the physical mouse movements were registering like I was pressing the keyboard.

    For instance, if I moved the mouse in a down ward movement, the PS4 would act like I pressed the "C" key on the keyboard, making my player crouch. Mind you, all my keymander profile settings were in place prior to me purchasing this mouse, and I just upgraded from an older mouse I was using.

    Another instance would be if I would move the mouse in the left direction, the PS4 would read that as me pressing the "ESC" key on the keyboard, and would take me out of game and into the PS4 menu.

    I didn't track all the specifics - those are just off the top of my head. Although initially disappointing, I'm happy that I was able to go back and buy a $35 mouse that works like a champ. So in summary, I don't think the Corsair Glaive is compatible at the moment.
  • KeyMander Compatible Keyboards and Mice
    It appears that it does not work with the Corsair Glaive. Just bought it today and tried using it and for some reason, while on the PS4, when I move the mouse, it acts like it's a keyboard. Any ideas before I return it back to the store?