• How to cut large size of PST without losing data?
    A capable program created to simplify the division of sizable Outlook PST files is Softaken PST Splitter. Its user-friendly interface makes it possible to split PST files precisely and effectively, preventing data loss and keeping data integrity. Users have the option of dividing PST files by size, date, folder, or even by choosing particular email IDs. This application ensures peak performance and streamlines Outlook data handling, increasing overall productivity. Softaken PST Splitter streamlines data management and speeds up data access within Microsoft Outlook, eventually boosting the functionality of the email client. Bulky PST files are divided into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • easily split their PST files.
    The Softaken Split PST Tool is a reliable tool for breaking up huge Outlook PST files into manageable portions. Splitting Outlook PST files quickly and safely without losing any data is possible. With the help of folders, sizes, and years, this tool divides options with ease. With the help of its unique capabilities, you may partition Outlook PST file sizes more successfully and accurately. You can also download a free demo version of the software to evaluate its functioning. It works with every version of Windows OS, including 11, 9, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Without requiring Microsoft Outlook to be installed, it also divides Outlook PST files.

    Read More :- https://www.softakensoftware.com/split-outlook-pst.html
  • Merge PST tool for merging the Outlook PST files
    Download GainTools Merge Outlook PST tool it is an easy, quick, and effective step-by-step tutorial for effective merging PST files. This Do-It-Yourself method makes merging PST files simple. Without changing the information in the original PST files, you can use it to integrate all data items, including emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, and journals.
  • merge unlimited size of PST files
    To fix the problem, use theSoftaken Outlook PST Merge Tool. The main reason for creating this program was to simplify the process of combining and merging multiple PST files into a single file. With the hassle-free functionality of this software, you can easily integrate your Outlook data. Combining PST files of any size or from different Outlook versions ensures compatibility and adaptability. Thanks to the application, none of your crucial data is lost throughout the merging process. Emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other folders are all automatically integrated while preserving their original organization. Even if you are not computer literate, you may easily navigate through the tool's user-friendly design. You can rapidly join and merge your PST files, save time, and manage your Outlook using the Softaken PST Merge Tool. Download the application correctly to regain control over the management of your Outlook data.
  • Combine.PST Files
    You may quickly and safely merge Outlook PST files with the help of the Softaken Merge PST Tool. It merges Outlook PST files without erasing any data from them. Notes, attachments, messages, calendars, tasks, emails, and contacts are all combined into one PST file together with other data. Users who do not have Microsoft Outlook installed can also use this program to combine Outlook PST files. It mixes ANSI and Unicode Outlook PST files to create an Outlook PST file. MS Outlook supports almost all of its versions, including 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2003, and 2000. There is also a no-risk trial period.
  • vCard Duplicate Remover for Mac
    There are many different pieces of software available for eliminating duplicate contacts from vCards. But using them is not trustworthy. Users seek out tried-and-true solutions the most frequently. Recently, I looked for the best Softaken vCard Duplicate Contact Remover software as well, and I came across Softaken vCard Duplicate Contact Remover program as an incredible answer. This program is a unique way to quickly remove duplicate items from several vCard VCF files without sacrificing any data. When eliminating duplicate records, it offers a number of advanced options. These include removing records for name, last name, email, businesses, locations, zip codes, regions, phone numbers, home addresses, office addresses, and websites. Additionally, you can search for and eliminate any duplicate objects you find in the selected directories.
  • How to Convert Excel xlx/xlsx to vCard vcf file format?
    You can convert Excel to vCard with the Softaken Excel to vCard Conversion programme. Migration is simplified. Any sizeable Excel file can be converted by this tool to the vCard file format. The utility's user-friendly interface makes handling it quite easy. Users can effortlessly use the programme even if they have no prior tech skills. All contact information, including first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, and home and business addresses, are converted by this application. Customers can use it to access a basic GUI. All Windows versions, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, are supported by this tool.
  • How to Convert Excel file into vCard or VCF format?
    The ability to export Excel files to VCF format is something that many people are curious about learning. The Softaken Excel to VCF Exporter program is the most efficient method for converting Excel files to the VCF file format. The file formats utilized by vcard to preserve email messages are, as we all know, Excel and VCF, but they are not the same. This tool accurately converts your Excel contacts into VCF format and stores each contact information file with all of the necessary data in a single operation.


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