• XB1: Battlefield 1 profile (updated)
    This profile is way better than what i made but It only feels alright in close combat, then become hard to aim a long distanced enemy because of small amount of skippings. Any advise?
  • Xbox One S user?
    [problem solved]
    By replacing mini USB cord for xbox controlle to decent one changed the world. Im assuming lack of power capability from short and thin cord causes the problem.
  • Xbox One S user?
    I wonder its because im using cheap keyboard and mouse
  • Xbox One S user?
    Hi Derek, thanks for your quick reply.
    Yes I have updated the software and tried pressing F9 key to confirm my keyboard was working.(Light came on and i confirmed)
    Neither when 'KB mode' is flashing and not, the game wasn't recognizing keyboard and mouse.
    However, i tried the same thing on the different game BF1(previously i was on Warframe), the keyboard worked perfectly! but no sign from the Mouse yet.(Mouse's LED lights are on from the power connection though)