• Deadzone Adjustment OTF
    I've yet to have the chance to try any fixes. I'll try tonight.
    I read that in the instructions but the mouse stayed one color. Another thing to check out later.
  • Deadzone Adjustment OTF
    Ahhh ok. Thank you.
    The console is an Xbox One.
  • Deadzone Adjustment OTF
    Yes, I did try that, however, the keymander does not beep and in-game functions treat it as a normal keystroke. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting keymander. I haven't tried resetting but that will be my next step once I get the chance.
    I didn't want to start another thread for this because it won't affect my usage but the Num lock and caps lock
    LEDs are not lighting up on the HVER keyboard. The Windows lock does function normally and light up. I'm going to try a macro and see if it isn't just the LEDs.