• Keymander with a Mac
    I use it with Parallels to some extent, its ok to setup profiles and upload them but it crashes when you try to update the firmware. I didn't figure out a way other then using bootcamp...
  • XB1: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sample profile
    Couldn't you just make a macro as the scroll weapon one above but intead set d-pad up/down to mouse scroll up down? The drawback might be that you might scroll up/down when you're not in the inventory and get your pistol up when you least want it...
  • PUBG Sample Profile Xbox One
    Hello, does the mouse setting differ on this profile compare to the one thad Moderator Derek posted? I am mainly interfered in better mouse movement feeling, I got somewhat choppy movement in PUBG with my Steelseries Rival 700...
  • XB1: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds sample profile
    Thanks for this, One thing though I really don't get the perfect mouse movement feel though.

    I've got a Steelseries Rival 700 and I am currently testing the DPI from 800 - 8000 but it feels a little choppy when moving the mouse to aim at small long distance targets when scoping and the acceleration is strange, small movement moves a lot but when turning fast with the mouse its kinda slow.

    Any suggestions? :)
  • Looking to buy Keymander but I am a Mac user
    Cool, let me know if you need some beta tester ;)