• Original Keymander update issues

    What is the OS Version showing on your console?
  • Headset for Xbox 1 not working

    Hi Peter, what model number Xbox One controller do you have? What game are you in? Is it Warzone by chance? Have you tried it in other games?
  • Cold War
    The Cold War profiles are now available!
  • Cold War

    Cold War takes almost exactly the same settings at Modern Warfare, but we will be releasing a profile for it just so the profile name and image match the game to avoid confusion.
  • Rb6 profile

    If you have the ADS set to 200, you will have major problems. Please read this and you will have a better understanding how KeyMander works and how to setup your sensitivity settings, especially in R6S.
  • Rogue Company Xbox One

    Posted! Here's the link for you.
  • Keymander stopped working

    Hi Robert,
    Are you on PS4 or Xbox One?
  • Rogue Company Xbox One

    Hi Chris, we will work on that today and have it ready in another day or so.
  • Original Xbox One consoles experiencing controller disconnect

    Can you attach your profile so we can see what's going on with it?
  • Has anyone used the Keymander adapter on the xbone?

    We have many users that have been using the original KeyMander for many years. We recently introduced the newer version, KeyMander 2 as well, so this is a long term and successful product for us.
  • Cant connect keyboard

    Hello, this is the forum for the original KeyMander. Please see our forum here for KeyMander 2 help.
  • benn having trouble with my wasd working

    Hi Troof, sorry for the delay. It sounds like you're in Typing Mode if the arrows are moving you. Press F9 to switch back to Gaming Mode. If that isn't it, check to make sure you didn't accidentally switch to a different profile mode, so press the F key normally assigned to the profile you use in this game.
  • mouse

    Using F9 turns off the mouse, so you would need to press F9 again when you want to stop typing and use the mouse.
  • Controllers
    There isn't a way to do this currently.
  • Aim

    R6S has a very poor Aim/Look mechanic, which causes a pixelated or jumpy movement feel at slow speeds. We have updated our profiles a couple months ago to adjust for the new aim/look options, so I suggest trying both profiles with both in-game settings to see which one works best.
  • IoGear KVM to J5Create Dock

    Please contact IOGEAR technical support at 949-453-8782 or toll free at 866-9-IOGEAR for help as this forum is for the KeyMander gaming products.
  • AntiRecoil or Some other useful function

    Did you buy the KeyMander or the newer version, KeyMander 2? The KeyMander does not have or advertise game scripts like those other devices, but it does have a MUCH easier to use PC software for KeyMander 1 and smartphone app for KeyMander 2. Plus, both have a smother mouse response for faster and more accurate play, but the KeyMander 2 has the newest design with 8X faster processing for the smoothest response.
  • R6

    Yes it works properly, but you do need to make sure you have a few things set correctly first. Are you on PS4 or XB1? Did you use the most recent sample profile for R6S? Did you remember to set the in-game settings as shown on the profile page?
  • Caps lock slowing me down in game

    Caps Lock is preprogrammed for Walk Mode and cannot function correctly as any other key. Pressing Caps Lock will make you move slower than normal for sneaking up on your enemies.
  • Minor Issue

    Are you on Xbox One? If so, what USB port are using for the KeyMander? When was the last time you updated the controller software?

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