• read dead redemption 2 profile
    is there a finished release or is this the only working profile for rdr2?
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    So I fixed the issue I was having.

    I reset hardware and updated to latest firmware for the third time and using the same profile and the issue had resolved. No idea why it worked this time around when I didn't do a single thing differently but I've put over 10 hours of play in and the issue is resolved. I want to thank the keymander team for always being spot on with there support.
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    While using keymander I don't have it plugged into a PC it's only plugged into the xbox one X and a power source.
    bf1.profile (1K)
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    Xbox one X
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    "Hello" you'll need to create a new thread with this issue as were trying to trouble shoot a different issue in this thread
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    Also while pushing any other key while turbo is on will deactivate turbo.
    Example: turbo bug is active, while sprinting it wont take affect.

    However wsad or rather movement keys dont deactivate turbo
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    After turning it off and letting it sit for two minutes and turning it back on turbo is off. But it will turn back on randomly.
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    Still having same issue. About to update to newest firmware that just came out I'll keep yall posted
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    Is the xbox one x a supported console?
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    After several games while scrolling through my wepons mid match turbo activated itself again.

    F10 doesn't turn it off.

    Soon after turbo activated while playing the game controls were unresponvie and my guy was spinning in a circle looking at the sky.
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    Fixed the issue. The bf1 sample profile was the issue
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    Just created a profile from scratch for bf1. Also reset firm ware and updated to newest version. I'll test and let yall know how it goes
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    No PC connected while playing.kaliber gaming wireless mouse and keyboard. Using the standard control that comes with the one x.
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    I'm using the bf1 xbox one sample profile turbo is not on the profile at all. The only way turbo should turn on is by pressing f10. However it turns itself on and will not turn off at random.
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    Playing bf1 same profile same everything, turbo mode active and it just stopped working all toge as there
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    Easy fix disable turbo mode firmware update??
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    Nothing I do except resetting the firmware will turn off turbo mode at this point.

    Here's the chain of events.

    1.Had latest firm ware.
    2.Played bf1 on ps4 no issues
    3.Bought xbox one x
    4.Started using keymander with latest firm ware on xbox one x playing bf1
    5.Turbo mode activated at some point during game play and would not turn off in the xbox one x.
    6. Unplugged all usb's from keymander including power supply.
    7. Turned keymander back on playing bf1 and turbo mode was still on.
    8. Used the reset button on keymander. Turbo still active in game.
    9. Troubleshooted keymander with what you posted above.
    10. Keymander turbo mode was deactivated.
    11. At the end of my match of bf1 on x box one x on the score screen where you can see both teams and there scores while scrolling through the scores turbo mode activated itself again.

    While pushing f10 the keymander will beep either one time or twice and does not turn turbo mode off.

    So far the only thing that turns it off is firmware reset but it turns back on while playing bf1.

    I've only been using the bf1xbox sample profile so maybe it's this one profile?

    Or maybe it's the fact I'm on the one x? The other person having this issue is also on the one x.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    A firmware update removing the turbo "feature" would be freaking great. I've used keymander for a long time on my ps4 never had this issues ever. Just got an xbox one and this bug is making it almost unplayable
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    Tried the fix listed above, it worked until the end of the match and the score board came up. Also tried the newest firmware. After unplugging everything and resetting the hardware turbo is still active. Very annoying.
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    Hate to dig up an old thread but I am having exactly the same issues, I have read all posts on both threads and the symptoms match exactly. I am running the latest firm ware, xbox one x standard control that comes with the xbox, default sample bf1 xbox one profile, also using wireless mouse and keyboard that came with my keymander bundle.